The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Calculations

The Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) is the Government’s methodology used to assess and compare the energy and environmental performance of dwellings.

SAP 2012 is the latest revision of the SAP document. It is used to demonstrate Part L compliance of the Building Regulations England & Wales for new dwellings. SAP assessments may also be required for extensions or conversions, we can advise you on these where needed.

The assessment involves using accredited software to calculate the properties energy performance, this is done by a qualified and accredited Domestic on Construction Energy Assessor (DOCEA) who will require detailed information about the build including specification and floor plans etc.

Our in-house Energy Assessors will support you through this process and will always offer best advice relevant to your build. We recommend you conduct the SAP assessment at design stage so to ensure that compliance with meeting Part L of the building regulations is established early on. Initiating an SAP assessment towards the completion of your build may mean it could not pass the requirement as it stands, and remedial work may be necessary.

It is a Building Regulation requirement that you must submit a Design Stage SAP Assessment to Building Control at least 1 day before works commence on site.

Our service includes:
Our recommendations to you:
  • Get your SAP at design stage.
  • Beat the minimum: The minimum U-Values set by building regulations are there to be beaten, this is best done through good use of high performing materials.
  • Avoid Thermal Bridges: Thermal bridging can occur through the junctions of different building elements. Avoiding these will allow us not to use default figures.
  • Windows and doors: Ensure that windows and doors that you specify have low U-Values.
  • Control Your Heating: Specifying quality heating controls such as weather compensators and zoned controls will help to improve the SAP.
  • Low Energy Lighting: We advise using LED’s throughout due to their efficient operation and long life.
  • Renewables: Installing renewable technology can be a cost-effective measure to achieve a pass.
  • Air Testing: Air testing your build will ensure you are not penalised with a default value.

We can provide you with SAP Calculations for your New Build, Extension or Conversion. Please refer to our Projects page or contact us on 01275 846995 to discuss this service with us. For Building Control advice, please refer to our services page Building Control.