Air Leakage Testing

Air Leakage Testing

What is Air Leakage?

We can undertake tests to identify if there is air leakage within your domestic or commercial property which impacts heat loss and the energy efficiency of your property.

Air leakage is where conditioned air enters and leaves a building uncontrollably through cracks and holes and if left, could lead to excessive heat loss and can cause cold draughts.

Why test for Airtightness?

Air Tightness Testing has been mandatory since the 2006 Building Regulations for most dwellings and commercial projects in England and Wales.

For improving energy efficiency and performance, airtightness is a key factor within a building. The heating of any buildings involves burning fossil fuels which contribute towards CO2 emissions and global warming. However, by reducing the air leakage means that there is a reduction in heat loss, which subsequently reduces the amount a heating system must be used which is positive for the environment.

A building which has poor levels of controlled ventilation and high levels of uncontrolled air leakage can have excessive moisture and mould growth, which can cause health risks to occupants.

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