Thermal Bridging Analysis

Thermal Bridging can occur in all buildings from small domestic to large-scale commercial units.

Our Energy Consultants complete bespoke thermal bridging analysis and can improve your overall SAP and SBEM results. Consideration of thermal losses from thermal bridging in large scale or bespoke developments can not only bring financial benefits but increase energy efficiency performances of buildings. In some instances, it is acceptable to use standardised psi-values however in several instances additional thermal bridging analysis need to be put in place to pass Building Regulation Standards.

Considering a bespoke approach, especially in large-scale developments such as large-scale residential or bespoke developments are vital and can decrease the actual cost of developments. Once a thermal bridging analysis is complete for a specific building component, it can be repeatedly used throughout the same building elements of your large-scale developments and even used on other sites; this could bring overall financial benefits.

Our Energy Consultants use a bespoke approach by which the psi-value or thermal bridging calculation is completed prior to construction starting onsite. To be able to do so, we require full detailed specification and planned construction details from which we will base our calculations on.

Thermal bridging can occur in an area of the building envelope where different building materials meet, especially when those materials have a different heat transfer rate. These differences in heat transfer can cause condensation which can damage the building over time and decrease the internal thermal comfort of buildings and reduce the energy efficiency.

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