Overheating Risk Analysis

With the push for ever more thermally efficient buildings and dwellings, thermal comfort is being pushed to the forefront as an issue for many construction projects.

Overheating analysis is now an integral part of the project process to guarantee a well-rounded design. The balance between ensuring energy efficiency and maintaining an comfortable indoor ambient temperature is not only shown through compliance with Part L, but through dynamic simulation modelling in line with TM52: Assessing the risk of overheating in European buildings and TM59: Assessing the overheating risk in new dwellings. With many local authorities now requesting this analysis to be undertaken out at planning stage.

We are committed to working with the design team from the earliest stage to find the best holistic solution to satisfy the requirements as defined by TM52 and TM59 taking into consideration all other desired goals of the project and mitigating any impact on these as much as possible.

With experience in aiding in the success of planning application across various local authorities across England, we can carefully analyse, report, and propose bespoke solutions for overheating for all project types without exponential costs being incurred.

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