Energy & Sustainability Statements

An energy or sustainability statement is a document that is often required to support a planning application. In fact, planning authorities require them for almost all developments. London is leading the way in this regard with the adoption of the London Plan – an overarching policy for the 23 boroughs, with the current requirement standing at a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions. Elsewhere, many other local authorities have implemented their own policies with varying requirements surrounding emissions, onsite renewables, or low and zero carbon technologies.

What Do Energy and Sustainability Statements Include?

Energy and sustainability statements typically include information on baseline annual emissions and energy costs, the energy efficiency rating of the building envelope and building systems, and an LZC feasibility report with recommendations of new technologies to implement. They are intended to address the energy and emissions targets set by local authorities, helping ensure planning applications are successful. To that end, they are extremely thorough, and assess numerous factors affecting building performance for proposed developments.

Benefits of Energy and Sustainability Statements

We provide fully supportive energy and sustainability consultancy services to clients throughout England and Wales. In order to create your statement, we’ll conduct a detailed assessment of CO2 emissions in your development and energy use. We’ll then provide bespoke, economical recommendations to ensure you meet the requirements set out by your local planning authority, and detail these in comprehensive proposal. Finally, we’ll create an official statement for you to submit with your planning application, and keep in touch over the coming months to ensure the obligations can be met.

Energy and Sustainability Statements with Cook Brown Energy

If you want to champion sustainability in your proposed development and meet your planning authority’s requirements, we can help. We’ll get involved at the earliest opportunity to help you establish the requirements for approval and incorporate these into your design. We can produce accurate calculations from your drawings to help you demonstrate compliance, consulting and offering the advice you need at every turn. We work hard to meet your budget and ensure both you and the local authority in question is happy. To discuss our services with us further, feel free to get in touch.