Energy Consultancy Services in England and Wales

What are Energy Consultancy Services?

Energy consultancy is a bespoke service designed around your development and project timescale. Delivered by our expert consultants, it ensures your project can move forwards without disruption, achieving good standards of energy efficiency and compliance with Building Regulations. The project will be managed by the dedicated senior consultant with the background and specialism best suited to your construction. We’ll then collaborate with your design team to make sure the energy requirements for the type of building being constructed are met. We’ll also provide bespoke recommendations for improving sustainability beyond the required standards, future proofing the value of your assets.

Why is Energy Consultancy Useful?

With the public, investors, and Building Regulations demanding strict carbon reduction measures to help us tackle the global climate crisis, energy consultancy can help you find the most economical solutions. We’ll work closely with the project team to identify the best improvements in energy efficiency, associated carbon emissions, and operational costs. Our aim is to future proof your energy efficiency improvements against the ever-evolving sustainability demands for new developments, and help you reduce your energy bills at the same time.

Carbon and Sustainability Consultancy

We provide bespoke consultancy services for developments looking to assess and improve their sustainability ratings. Liaising with your project team, we’ll use a combination of simulation, 3D modelling, and calculations to assess current plans and designs. Then, we’ll provide bespoke recommendations on the right carbon reduction measures for your build, helping you implement improvements before construction begins, and minimising project disruption.

Commercial Energy Consultancy

If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your large scale commercial development, we can help. Our specialist energy consultants have years of experience helping new constructions comply with sector-specific standards and achieve better energy efficiency. From bespoke commercial units to large, mixed-use builds, we provide our consultancy services to developments all over England and Wales.

Residential Energy Consultancy

At Cook Brown Energy, we provide bespoke energy consultancy services to new residential dwellings and developments in the UK. We’ll work closely with your design and project team at all times, tailoring our recommendations to your sustainability targets, and helping you achieve total compliance with Building Regulations. To find out more about our residential energy consultancy services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Talk to Our Expert Energy Consultants

Whatever your project size, scale, sector or scope, Cook Brown Energy can accommodate your requirements. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke, responsive and economical consultancy services – helping you achieve top levels of energy efficiency and compliance with the required standards for your type of build. We also aim to provide recommendations that work for you now, and in the future. Carbon reduction standards are continually evolving, and new developments need an energy consultancy partner who always has an eye on tomorrow. Contact us to find out more.