Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) were introduced to raise public awareness of the Energy usage and associated Carbon Emissions of buildings. These certificates must be displayed in a prominent area, such as a reception, to inform occupiers and visitors about the energy consumption of the public building.

In England and Wales, a DEC should be clearly and easily visible to the not observing passer-by; and guidelines dictate that these should be no smaller than A3 in size. By this measure, it is hoped to increase awareness of the building’s Energy Performance.

DECs display the Energy use of the building in colourful bands of A to G; where A (green) is very efficient, and G (red) is consequently the least efficient with high Energy use and emissions.
For buildings >1000m² the displayed certificate is valid only for twelve months, and it displays the total metered energy consumed within the last twelve months.

An affected organisation must display a clearly visible DEC to the public and hold in its premises the associated and valid advisory report. The Advisory Report (AR) contains recommendation on how Energy efficient improvements can be achieved which benefit the buildings Energy consumption and is valid for seven years.

What buildings require a DEC?
A DEC and its associated AR are legislative requirements for buildings which have a total useful floor area greater than 250m² that are occupied in whole or partially by Public Authorities and/or are frequently visited by the public.

Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • Central and Local Government Bodies
  • Police Stations
  • Courts
  • Prisons
  • MOD and Army bases
  • NHS Surgeries
  • NHS Dental Surgeries
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Public Libraries
  • Museums & Art Galleries (provided by Public Authorities)
  • Municipal Golf Clubhouses
  • Leisure Clubs (not privately owned).

Other Private Organisations do not have to display a DEC; however, any building can be assessed, and a Display Energy Certificate can be produced on a voluntarily basis.

This will help the occupiers and/or landlords to gain a better understanding of the in-use energy of the building.

Further benefits can be achieved with the ESOS assessment.

Validity of a DEC

A DEC for a building exceeding a total useful floor area of more than 1000m² is valid for twelve months, while its AR is valid for seven years.

A DEC for a building between 250m² – 1000m² of total useful floor area is valid for up-to ten years together with its AR.
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