Condensation Risk Analysis

With ever increasing levels of insulation being adopted in buildings and improving construction methods, these can inadvertently bring an increased risk of condensation into the building. A Condensation Risk Report will help to identify any areas where surface or interstitial condensation can occur, this can then be addressed, and a new report produced to confirm the risk has been mitigated.

Part G Water Calculations

Part G of the Building Regulations sets out water efficiency usage limits of 125 litres/per person/per day or 110 litres/per person/per day if a planning condition applies. To produce the report, we will require information regarding the number and type of outlets in the proposed dwelling, if these are not known we make reasonable assumptions to achieve a pass.

U-Value Calculations

A U-Value is the measurement of the rate of heat loss through a building element. These elements include walls, floors, roofs, doors and windows. U-Values are measured in Wm²K and the lower the U-Value the better. We will ensure that the U-values entered the software reflect your detailed specification. Where this is not known we will advise on how best to achieve the requirements.

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