Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates

We provide this service for a whole range of Commercial property types. Commercial EPC’s or Non-Domestic EPC’s as they are formally known are required when you sell or as of April 2018 when you lease a property. This falls under the Minimum Energy Efficiency Regulations (MEES) for private landlords which came into effect in April of 2018.

The assessment involves one our qualified and accredited Non-Domestic Energy Assessor’s (NDEA) attending your property to conduct a measured assessment where they will collect information on the construction type, insulation, lighting, heating and hot water among other things. Using accredited software to calculate the properties energy performance, our assessor will tailor the recommendations specific to your property and provide additional advice as and where needed.

The MEES Regulations currently apply to renewal or a grant of a new lease and the property must be rated a Band E on the EPC or higher to be legally let, there some exemptions but these must be put on the government register. From April 2023 these regulations will apply to all lease agreements regardless of when they were granted.

Furthermore, a consultation has already been published with the governments ambition to increase the minimum EPC Band to a B by 2030.

As part of our service we can provide you with guidance and advice on how to ensure your property is not only compliant now but how it can become compliant with the future changes to the MEES Regulations to save you money and ultimately ensure your property remains occupied.

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