Commercial EPCs

What are Commercial EPCs?

A commercial EPC or Energy Performance Certificate provides a rating for your building that details its energy efficiency using grades from A to G, with band E the legal minimum to let a property. Commercial EPCs are a legal requirement as set out in the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES). To produce an EPC, a qualified and accredited Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) will need to attend your property to conduct an in-depth review of your construction type, insulation, lighting, heating and hot water among other things. They will then use accredited software to calculate the property’s energy performance and provide tailored recommendations as and where needed.

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What Buildings Need a Commercial EPC?

MEES regulations apply to any landlord about to grant or renew the lease of a commercial building. In order to do this legally, the resulting certificate must supply a rating of band E or higher from the 1st of April 2023. There are some exemptions, but these also need to be officially reported. From April 2023, the regulations will apply to all lease agreements regardless of when they were granted, and the minimum band is expected to increase to band B by 2030. For that reason, taking steps to prepare now and start putting energy efficiency measures in place will help future proof your building.

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Our Commercial EPC Service

As part of our commercial EPC service, we will carry out a meticulous assessment of your construction, existing efficiency measures, building services, and insulation to understand how your property operates. We’ll then utilise advanced software to calculate its performance and provide additional advice and recommendations if it fails to make the minimum band or is borderline. By the end of our consultancy, you’ll understand how to ensure your property is compliant – now and in the future. Ultimately, MEES regulations save you money, and ensure your property can always be occupied.

Commercial EPCs from Cook Brown Energy

If MEES regulations apply to your building and you need a commercial EPC, Cook Brown Energy can help. Our accredited energy assessors have years of experience providing this service to commercial landlords, ensuring they keep pace with changing regulations, and maintain occupancy. And abiding by the latest regulations is not just your legal duty; MEES regulations also provide numerous benefits to businesses – saving you money, reducing your emissions, and boosting your public image. Contact us today to book your commercial EPC assessment!