Building Control services

Cook Brown Building Control Ltd and BRCS (Building Control) Ltd are also part of Hickton Group and provide a comprehensive range of Building Control services with shared technical resources comprising some of the best Building Surveyors across the country.

We believe that this is an all-encompassing solution that sets us apart from our competition. Our award-winning Quality Site Inspection services (Clerk of Works) combined with Building Control services provides you with an unmatched solution when it comes to both quality inspections and Building Regulation compliance on your construction projects.

As Approved Inspectors, Cook Brown Building Control and BRCS both focus on Building Regulation Compliance. They work with your design teams to provide them with Building Regulation Guidance and will issue any mandatory certificates.

Our teams can now offer you unique inspection services which includes:

  • Compliance: Checking all the critical stages of your project to ensure that the quality meets statutory regulations and specifications.
  • Quality workmanship: Monitoring and inspecting the work at regular intervals checking the work in progress, identifying and minimising problems and defective work.
  • The correct use of materials: Checking that the materials on site are to the correct specification and quality.
  • Identifying defects: Identifying and reporting on defects that can cause disruption, delays and problems which might impact on the programme and future maintenance.
  • Providing recommendations: Providing practical advice as necessary in relation to construction details and methods.
  • Being an independent critical eye: Providing you with an early independent warning of problems concerning the quality of construction and of any programme delays.
  • Providing a proactive service: Discussing urgent issues face-to-face or by phone with the relevant members of
    the site team.
  • Design proposal assessment: Preliminary assessment of design proposals and the vetting of the design drawings, details and calculations.
  • Building regulation certification: As experienced Building Control providers, Cook Brown Building Control and BRCDS are able to provide a full range of associated professional services including Building Regulation consultancy.

To find out more about Building Control services, please visit or, alternatively call us on 01275 848 228.