Scottish EPC’s

Scottish EPC’s & DEC’s

Under the Section 63 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, landlords and building owners of non-domestic buildings are required to assess and improve the energy efficiency and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with their buildings.

Since the 1st September 2016, larger buildings with a floor area >1,000 m² being sold or newly tenanted need to provide a valid Section 63 Assessment and are required to provide a valid Energy Performance Certificate.

Buildings that meet the required energy standards of 2002 Building Regulations or later and those which are already improved via a Green Deal assessment are exempt from this regulation as these buildings are classified as being “reasonably” energy efficient.

If buildings do not meet the 2002 Building Regulations Standards and should they not have undergone a Green-Deal assessment the building owner has the duty to undertake further energy assessments to produce an Action Plan. Those Action Plans contain actions following the Improvement Reports which identify guidance on how to cost effectively improve the buildings energy demand and subsequent CO2e emissions.

The Action Plan is an additional legal requirement together with the EPC of the building and need to lodged with the Scottish Government Register. Should the owner of the building however feel the pre-scribed improvements are not financially viable and alternative would be to produce a Display Energy Certificate (DEC).

To produce a DEC a yearly total energy consumption of the building needs to be assessed by a qualified assessor. The subsequent certificate displays both the EPC asset rating together with the actual occurred energy consumption as the DEC rating. The DEC needs to be hung and displayed in a prominent visible place such as receptions areas to the building – which means that the actual energy efficiency of the building is visible to visitors and staff daily which should encourage building owner to follow improvement of the building. These regulations have implications when selling and letting a property in Scotland.

We offer this service for a whole range of property types from small single units to large estate portfolios across Scotland. To discuss this further, contact us today.

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