We are an Energy Consultancy providing sustainability services to the construction industry throughout England, Wales, and Scotland. We have had the privilege to work across multiple sectors to deliver energy consultancy services, including modular construction projects.

Modular construction offers developers, tenants, and homeowners a level of quality assurance and construction speed previously not possible. Additionally, this method enables an industry – that is currently one of the main contributors to the UK’s carbon footprint, the ability to produce sustainable buildings at a cost which competes with conventional construction methods.

Commercial and Residential Building Designers, Parallel Architecture, approached us to provide assessment services for a shipping container development at Barton Hill, Bristol, which would provide temporary accommodation for people associated with the Barton Hill Settlement and Wellspring Healthy Living Centre, which have merged to become Wellspring Settlement. The scheme has been created to offer twelve temporary living facilities to people related to the charity, plus ground level office space.

The main obstacle of the project was to ensure the fabric standards were successfully met without reducing the floor areas of the container units. We were confined to working within the container sizes and had to achieve the required u-values but still have enough space for the units to be functional. We also had a planning condition to achieve which required a certain percentage reduction in carbon emissions. However, our technical experts overcame these challenges and successfully delivered the SBEM services for this modular project.

“We are proud to have been part of this inspiring project to provide temporary accommodation for Barton Hill Settlement. We were able to overcome the barriers of the project and achieve the necessary calculations for the containers to be a sustainable living and working environment.”

Senior Energy Consultant, Matthew Hodges

We are an Independent Assessment Company providing energy consultancy for all types of commercial and domestic projects for clients across England, Wales, and Scotland. We have recently expanded our Energy Assessor teams to be able to deliver additional Energy services for our clients’ developments.

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