Penk Valley Academy Trust have appointed us to provide Display Energy Certificates for eight buildings across six sites in South-Staffordshire.

Upon appointment, our Energy Team were provided with detailed site plans and floor plans, which were needed to confirm the GIA floor areas within each school building. In addition, all the energy used onsite was assessed which was provided in form of invoices covering a minimum 12-month window. These were assessed, evaluated and cross-checked, and used to calculate the total metered energy consumed for the 365-day period.

Our experienced Senior Energy Consultant attended all six schools to carry out inspections of the eight school buildings: Wolgarston High School, Penkridge Middle School, Marshbrook First School, Princefield First School, St Mary and St Chad’s First School and The Rural Enterprise Academy.

The findings revealed a slightly increased energy consumption due to Covid-19 regulations which requires keeping the building well ventilated while occupied. This meant that windows and doors had to be kept open during operational hours to increase ventilation throughout the buildings, with the heating systems being on to keep an adequate temperature during colder Spring, Autumn and Winter months.

A separate building (a Leisure Centre) which formed part of this assessment had to close during COVID-19 restriction for certain weeks of the last year. We noticed a significant drop of onsite energy consumption compared to previous years, during the month of lockdown. Throughout the year we noted a total reduction of 22% or 8.09 tonnes of CO2e (43.742kWh) compared to the previous years, resulting in an improved DEC rating.

“I was delighted to work on the Penk Valley Academy Trust projects. Our main point of call, Gemma Handley who was very helpful in providing site plans, all the energy data, invoices and previous certificates, meaning that there was no delay in gaining information or access to sites.”

Senior Energy Consultant, Mike Lindlahr

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