Overheating Risk Analysis

Overheating Risk Analysis

What is Overheating Risk Analysis?

Thermal comfort is a key issue for many construction projects, with overheating analysis an integral part of the project process to guarantee a well-rounded, high performing design. It involves an in-depth assessment of the different risk factors at play within your construction using dynamic simulation modelling. If a risk is identified, your assessor will then identify a suitable solution for achieving compliance, taking into consideration all other project goals and mitigating any impact. With many local authorities requiring this analysis to be undertaken at planning stage, it is becoming an increasingly pivotal stage for any new development.

Why is Overheating Risk Analysis Important?

The balance between ensuring energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable indoor ambient temperature is crucial to get right for user satisfaction and comfort, as well as full compliance with Building Regulations Part L, and CIBSE TM52 and TM59. Not only is an overheating risk analysis crucial for complying with these regulations, but it can contribute to a successful planning application, and help you identify bespoke, cost effective solutions for any risk factors it identifies.


Part L, TM52 and TM59 Explained

There are three key regulations to bear in mind when considering the thermal properties and overheating risk of your construction project. Approved Document L of Building Regulations governs the use of fuel and power, whilst CIBSE TM52 is entitled ‘Assessing the Risk of Overheating in European Buildings, and TM59 is entitled ‘Assessing the Overheating Risk in New Dwellings’. Achieving compliance with all of these standards is a careful balancing act, which is why a risk analysis is absolutely critical, helping you double check the measures you have in place to ensure thermal comfort, and identify solutions where the construction falls short.

Overheating Risk Analysis with Cook Brown Energy

At Cook Brown Energy, we provide a comprehensive overheating risk analysis service, working closely with your design team at the earliest stages to help you satisfy the requirements defined in TM52 and TM59. With experience aiding in the planning stage of numerous development projects, we’ll provide rigorous analysis and reporting, and go on to recommend bespoke solutions for overheating that won’t land you with soaring project costs. Our goal is to mitigate your risk factors, whilst keeping other project goals alive. Get in touch to find out more about our process.

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