We are excited to announce that Morgan Lambert and Qualitas Compliance have joined Hickton Group Ltd.

The addition of these businesses to Hickton Group reinforces our ambition to provide multi-disciplinary consultancy services and strengthens our mission to champion Quality, Compliance and Sustainability in Construction. The Group’s values are equally embraced in Morgan Lambert’s dedication to supporting social housing providers to achieve compliance in all areas of gas and electrical safety management. There is also a huge emphasis on training and development within the businesses that share the Group’s aims.

There are many exciting opportunities for future growth of the Group and its employees, including the expansion of services. Our Energy and Sustainability Consultancy provide advice to the Residential sector, as well as Commercial sectors, and can assess property portfolios for energy saving measures. The Clerk of Works and Building Control services offered by Hickton Group companies will compliment Morgan Lambert and Qualitas Compliance, who also have the added benefit of a unique software reporting system developed by Morgan Lambert’s in-house IT specialists.

For further information, please view our interactive announcement brochure online at: Download Here