We are excited to announce our involvement in the early stages of an exciting new project in the beautiful North Devon countryside. We have been appointed by new Client Peregrine Mears Architects to assist with the energy strategy design and formulate an energy statement to be submitted with the planning application for a new eco staycation development.

Nestled within a secluded fourty-acre landscape will be ten new self-catering units in the form of three underground dwellings, three tree houses and five tepees, situated alongside a social space and café. Careful consideration is being put into the design to ensure the works have a low impact on the surrounding environment. Our Energy Assessor will look at the most efficient and low carbon solutions to heat, ventilate and service these unique individual units.

“We are so pleased to be involved in such a unique and exciting project, we always welcome the challenge of formulating the most cost-efficient energy solutions, especially within this unique typography.”

Mike Lindlahr, Senior Energy Consultant

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(Image provided by Peregrine Mears Architects)