Get to know our Business Manager, Robyn Owen

Tell us about your experience, have you always been in the energy and sustainability sector, if not how did you get into it?

“My professional journey has been diverse, spanning from Project Management in finance to designing costumes for dance competitions and launching my own children’s clothing brand. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, I found myself reassessing my career path. Joining Cook Brown presented a new opportunity where I could leverage the skills and experiences I’ve accumulated over the years into this role.”

What is your main area of strength?

“In both my personal and professional life, I have a strong inclination for organization. While I may occasionally drive my partner crazy by tidying up before they’ve had the chance to use something, this trait proves invaluable in the workplace. It allows me to effectively manage teams and ensure deadlines are consistently met by efficiently organizing workloads.”

What is your favourite project that you’ve worked on?

“As I am not an assessor and do not work on projects myself, I cannot pin point one in particular, but one of my favourite things about my job is looking at plans for projects and seeing them come alive. There are some beautiful designs out there- my idea of ‘ideal’ is very vague because a project can completely change my mind!”

What’s your view on the future of the energy industry?

“Whilst regulations change and rules tighten when it comes to energy sustainability. It is always reassuring that the outcome of this is to ensure the future of housing, workspace, office environments and our planet is the best version of itself. For us and future generations.”

How long have you worked for Cook Brown Energy and why did you choose us?

“I have been with Cook Brown Energy for 3 years and I love working here. From the very first interview stage, I knew this was the environment I wanted to work in. Here, you are not a number, you are a person and the family environment here is rare to find so I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. At Cook Brown Energy, I don’t hate Mondays. “

What do you do to relax outside of work? (hobbies, interests, holidays, events)

I have always been a painter, although I don’t have as much time now that I have 3 children dancing circles around me, we have many walls at home that I have painted with a new one scheduled for the kitchen coming soon! As a family, we love games nights, summer holidays spent with a BBQ and rounders set with friends and family and of course, our Springer Spaniel Boullé 😊”