Energy Studies

Energy Studies

What are Energy Studies?

Understanding energy use within the built environment is critical to being able to ensure efficiency and accurately identify savings. Energy studies allow for in depth detailed analysis of a building’s energy use considering all factors, including occupancy behaviours. We carry out bespoke studies and report on exactly where energy is being used, why and how to make savings for the building occupier and owners.

When should Energy Studies be undertaken?

Carrying out energy studies at the pre-construction phase allows for greater insight into the ability to predict and manage energy, rather than relying on compliance with Part L alone. Within these reports, we can provide early advice based on initial designs with the aim of ensuring that the most workable and appropriate design in relation to energy is adopted. Utilising CIBSE TM54 allows for comparison against a recognized baseline and methodology for greater improvement.

Energy studies undertaken for existing and occupied buildings based are ideally done with the last 12 months of energy data. This is the best way to assess and analyse energy consumption based on actual system performance, occupancy patterns and behaviours. This in turn helps identify and establish any system issues and creates processes for mitigating poor energy usage by occupants.

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