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Mees Assessments

Non-Domestic MEES Assessments

Since April 2018, the new MEES Compliance requirement was introduced whereby any commercial building must comply with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard. This makes it unlawful to grant a tenancy to new or existing tenants with an EPC rating higher than band E.

From April 2023, these Regulations will apply to all lease agreements regardless of when they were granted. Furthermore, a consultation has already been published with the Government’s ambition to increase the minimum EPC Band to a B by 2030.

The future MEES Compliance requirements will further decrease the allowed minimum Energy Standards of lettable buildings.

We advise, where possible, to conduct an EPC Survey prior to the end of a tenancy agreement to be able to assess an occupied building with functioning HVAC and lighting systems. In several instances whereby a tenant moves out, the installed equipment is removed with them, which will make it more difficult to produce a MEES Compliant EPC.

Should the EPC rating be borderline compliant with current and future MEES requirements, we are more than capable to provide you with a cost-effective improvement report.

To save you time and money, early intervention and careful planning ahead is required. We have the capability to assess single or multi-disciplinary portfolios nationwide with MEES Risk Assessments.

Our dedicated team of Energy Assessors will provide you with guidance and advice on how to ensure that your property is not only compliant now, but how it can exceed current minimum standards and make the property future proof for upcoming changes to the MEES Regulations.

MEES procedure

Following an initial survey of your property, we can produce a draft EPC which we can cross-reference with any existing EPC against the property. This will enable us to gain a full understanding of the building components.

In several instances, the existing EPC can be dated and may not show the actual building’s energy performance. This may be a result of the property occupier changing the heating and/or lighting systems.

Should our draft EPC rating vary, be non-compliant or border line compliant with current MEES Regulations, we will consult with you before we proceed with the recommendation calculations. We can produce an in-depth energy model of your property and demonstrate cost effective improvements which are achievable and within a recommended seven-year payback.

We welcome your suggestions regarding improvements which you may have at the early stages of your project even if they include a full refurbishment of the property or even include renewable energies.

Following the COVID 19 situation and the increasing demand for an improved indoor air quality, we recommend assessing the Ventilation systems such as AHU and or full Automated Systems. Knowing the various efficiencies of the ventilations systems is key and of great benefit to the EPC improvements. In several instances, just having your ventilation assessed and remodelled can improve the EPC rating and your overall energy consumptions.

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