Condensation Risk Analysis

Condensation Risk Analysis

What is Condensation Risk Analysis?

A Condensation Risk Analysis is designed to identify the potential risk of both surface and interstitial condensation, both of which can give rise to mould growth, and damage to the building fabric. With more and more insulation being adopted in buildings and improving construction methods, levels of condensation can increase. A Condensation Risk Report will help to identify any areas where condensation might occur, allowing the problem to be addressed. Once remedial action has been taken, another report will be produced to confirm the risk has been mitigated.


What is the importance of Condensation Risk Analysis?

In poorly designed roofs, cladding systems, cavity walls, and other parts of the building envelope, barriers can prevent moisture from escaping, increasing the risk of condensation. High levels of moisture, particularly in interstitial spaces, can have a significant impact on the building – causing the growth of mould, corroding materials, and even impacting on human health. As a result, it’s vital any new developments have regular, in-depth condensation assessments to prevent avoidable moisture. Without determining the risk factors that make condensation more likely in your building, you won’t be able to take the necessary remedial action.

What are the Condensation Risk Analysis Regulations?

BS 5250 focuses on the causes and effects of surface and interstitial condensation and details how the risk can be managed through better design, construction and operation. It applies to new build and refurbishment projects, and acts as a code of practice for the design of everything from building envelopes to roof constructions.

According to the standard, any condensation that does develop should be temporary and dry out over time. It is the accumulation of moisture that the standard strives to eradicate, and is particularly important for certain roof constructions such as those that are flat. It also specifies certain materials that have advantageous properties for avoiding condensation.


Condensation Risk Analysis with Cook Brown Energy

If you’d like to book a condensation risk analysis with Cook Brown Energy, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our trusted partners are experts in their field, and will undertake a rigorous investigation of your construction to ensure you face minimal risk of moisture. Whether it’s a commercial property or a residential developments, we provide a bespoke, customer-focused service from initial enquiry all the way through to the issuance of your report.

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