Why join our team?

Join our team to help achieve sustainability in UK construction

Having a team of highly motivated individuals is crucial to the success of any business and we believe in the value that each person brings to our company.
As an equal opportunities’ employer, we offer our office and site staff a wide range of benefits which include:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Progression opportunities
  • Continuous personal development (CPD) opportunities
  • Training linked to their specific job
  • Flexible working hours
  • Pension scheme
  • A friendly and professional working environment.
Our culture

We are a company that believes in collaboration and the self-development of our staff. We believe our success comes from encouraging people to succeed and in sharing their experiences we can learn and grow. We also understand that supporting a healthy work-life balance is valuable to the production of our work.

We promote a healthy office environment and provide everything necessary to help you do a good job. Support is on hand when you need it with our ‘open door’ policy. We foster an environment which encourages the sharing of all ideas and will make time to listen.

It is not all work and no play, we have after work get-togethers, raise money for various charities from different events and try our best to accommodate the most elaborate of ideas.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

As a Group we invest in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the aim of providing a sustainable and ethical company which positively impacts our stakeholders and our employees. We appreciate the importance of investing in the well-being of our employees and encourage them to participate in company and community activities as part of their employment with us.

We have a CSR strategy which can be viewed here, and a copy of our Volunteering Policy viewed here and is based around four pillars illustrated in the below diagram. In addition, we have appointed CSR Ambassadors who implement and manage our group activity for maximum impact.