Carbon Neutral Promise to the Environment

This year we have committed to delivering our services entirely carbon neutrally and to become a carbon neutral organisation as part of our long-term promise to the environment. As the country works towards meeting the Net Zero Carbon 2050 target, our team will ensure that the carbon emissions derived from our business operations will be considerably reduced where possible, and those emissions that cannot be reduced will be offset at the end of each year.

In conjunction with this new commitment for 2021 and going forward, we have calculated our carbon footprint since the company was formed in June 2018 and this has already been offset through the planting of new trees.

Some of the fundamental pledges made by the team are to reduce unnecessary travel – with the adaptations made in 2020 due to the Global pandemic, face to face meetings can be undertaken remotely utilising the vast array of technology available to us. This reduces carbon emissions produced by our vehicles, however where travel is required, public transport is the preferred option and some team members have invested in Hybrid vehicles to help reduce their footprint even further; Minimise Printing – as part of work administration, we aim to reduce the amount of printed paper used and to replace this with more digital formats to reduce waste and tree felling; Implementing Energy Management Policies – our team will be implementing a Group Energy Management policy to all of our sites to ensure that we reduce wasted energy and to minimise the carbon footprint across all of our office locations.

“As a company that delivers energy efficiency and carbon reduction services to clients across the UK, we want to be an ambassador in our industry demonstrating how all businesses can operate carbon neutrally. The process of calculating our carbon footprint and identifying our higher contribution areas, gave us great insight into how we can reduce and mitigate unnecessary carbon emissions. As we work through 2021 and beyond, we hope to encourage many of our existing and new clients to make the same steps that we have, and we are here to support them on that journey.”

                                                                Matthew Hodges, Senior Consultant

Our company was formed to improve the energy and environmental performance of buildings so that construction projects are sustainable, compliant, and delivered to the highest quality through recognised assessment certification routes. To view the wide range of Environmental and Sustainability services; Energy Compliance services and Group related services, please visit our website


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